The Seven Pillars Of Nsei.


Every well structured government have the president and it's cabinet members who together take decisions for the betterment of the country. So after enthroning the fon,, he needed his own cabinet members who will help him in taking decisions for Nsei. It was the fon's responsibility to select those he sees fit to work hand in hand with to rule the land. Fon Funkoh went ahead and selected Seven (7) smart hard working men as his cabinet members. These group is refer to as the "Seven Pillars Of Nsei" Or "The King Makers"( King makers because they are responsible for replacing the fon when he dies). These Seven Pillars are,
     @Kechembung; He was the first to be selected by Fon Funkoh and he holds the second position in the land after the fon. He has the power to enthron a new fon when ever the fon dies. He also doubles as quarter head of Mbehang where the Nsei Palace is found.
     @Ketiang; He holds a very important position in Nsei land. He act as the fon of Nsei when ever a fon dies until a new fon is enthron. According to Nsei tradition, when a fon dies the throne is turned upside-down and Ketiang will move to the Palace and sit on it until a new fon is enthron.
   @Mdembesaw; Apart of being one of the seven Pillars of Nsei, he is also the quarter head of mbesoh. Mbesoh is the center of Nsei and refer to as the city of Nsei..
Other four (4) members are, @Ndekekwe, @Ndefunja, @Songjong Kang, @Kehncholaice.
NB: All seven Pillars of Nsei are very important personalities who are very much respected in Nsei land. It is important to note that only members of these families have the right to these positions.

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About Bamessing

Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter's village, with the pottery center of Prescraft, where traditional potters are encouraged to pursue their trade. In order to widen the product range, new techniques have been introduced, such as a potter's wheel, glazing, and wood kiln firing. Designers from Europehelp to develop new designs.

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