The Origin of Nsei.

The Bamessing-NSEI people just like many other tribes in the North West Region are in their present location due to the effect of numerous wars around the 15th century that marked an end of the Empires of West Africa or Empire of Western Sudan. The present Bamessing-NSEI people are from Tikari. The repeated wars around this area made the place unsafe for stay there by forcing them to leave in search of a peaceful place to settle.
          They left Tikari without any destination under the leadership of the great Felanteu who used his magical powers and war skills to safeguard the people of Nsei out of Tikari. It is worth noting that the people of Nsei are where they are today thanks to Felanteu and his warriors. ( Read more about Felanteu down).
        While finding their way out of Tikari in search of a new settlement, a disagreement came between the people as some didn't want to go far from the place. To them, it was risky to go far to a completely strange area. This group of people who decided to stay not far from their ancestral place became the present day Bamessing in the west region. While the other group that moved out completely became the present day Bamessing in Ndop (Bamessing-NSEI). The language of the Bamessing people in the West Region and the Bamessing people in Ndop are almost the same despite their present geographical placement. This is because these two tribes are brothers..

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About Bamessing

Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter's village, with the pottery center of Prescraft, where traditional potters are encouraged to pursue their trade. In order to widen the product range, new techniques have been introduced, such as a potter's wheel, glazing, and wood kiln firing. Designers from Europehelp to develop new designs.

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