The New found Nsei land.
'Travelling' and "moving" in search of a settlement are two distinctive things. A person can travel from Far North to Ndop within hours or days depending on their means of transport. But moving as a group in search of a settlement can take days, months and even years. So while the Bamessing-NSEI people were resting on the hills of Ndop, they spotted a giant tree in a very green uninhabited area. They were attracted by this tree and decided to go check if the place was good enough for their settlement.
        After some consultation by Felanteu and Prince Fungkoh ( Fungkoh was from the Royal family and was already considered by some to be the fon of their land) they kept the women and children on the hills and together with the rest of the men they went to explore the land. As they move to the land they went to the gigantic tree and named it Feka Nfegh. After making sure the place was good, they went to the hills and brought the women and children to the land. They all sat and rested under the tree.
        As Africans, the men went straight into initiating the land immediately. They erected three stones under the tree where their ever first sacrifice of thanks given to the gods was made. This initiation was accompanied with a traditional dance which eventually became the anthem of Bamessing-NSEI. This dance is what we call today Mendele found in Ntokweh. It remains the first dance in Nsei.
          That was how the Nsei we all know today came about.

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About Bamessing

Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter's village, with the pottery center of Prescraft, where traditional potters are encouraged to pursue their trade. In order to widen the product range, new techniques have been introduced, such as a potter's wheel, glazing, and wood kiln firing. Designers from Europehelp to develop new designs.

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