The Dark days (conflict period) in Nsei.


Just when the Nsei people thought they were finally free from the attacks by different tribes and were steadily building their village, something bigger hit them again. This time it wasn't outsiders attacking, it was internal conflict. The people of Nsei found themselves in two different camps. This whole shaga shaga started around 1960 in the reign of fon Lofung Martin II.
           Fon Lofung Martin II was a Nsei Prince schooling in Nigeria. He was called in 1954 to come replace his father. Being a young fon (30years) with Western education and the fact that he had been away for quite long, it was difficult for him to live like a traditional fon should. His constant infringement on tradition (Going out without guards or elders, playing football with kids, etc) was considered a taboo. For that, some elders wanted him to be replaced but others didn't. This led to fight as family members fought against each other. It was so intense that the matter was taken to the administration in bamenda. This was when it got worse because traditional matters are to be resolved traditionally. As expected, the administration past their judgment without considering the traditional implications. Fon Lofung Martin II went on exile while Prince Funtong (Ake Buntie) who's compound was in mbesoh was made fon of Nsei.
        This was a slap on the faces of the Nsei people who believe that when a fon misbehave the ngomba has a way to sanction him. This decision of replacing the fon escalated the situation. People fought among themselves, the Nsei Palace was burnt down, the compound of Prince Funtong in mbesoh was burnt down too. Important and significant items in the Palace got burnt too. This took place from 1961 - 1974 (13 years) during the reign of fon Funtong. In 1974,the fon of Nsei who was on exile came back and reclaim his rightful position as fon, while fon Funtong went back to his compound in mbesoh.

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About Bamessing

Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter's village, with the pottery center of Prescraft, where traditional potters are encouraged to pursue their trade. In order to widen the product range, new techniques have been introduced, such as a potter's wheel, glazing, and wood kiln firing. Designers from Europehelp to develop new designs.

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