Full list of Fons That have rule Nsei.


 When the Nsei people finally settled in their new found land, and were celebrating and thanking God for helping them escape the war in Tikari they were still face with numerous attacks from neighbouring villages. These attacks were too many and intense that made the reign of SOME of the fons very brief. The Nsei people have had Twenty-six (26) fons in total. Being a tribe whose history began like 500+ years ago (1460-2023), having 26 fons is just an indication that most of the fons didn't rule for long because we all know how long an African (especially bamenda) fon lives. Bellow is the complete list of all the 26 fons who've rule Nsei in order of their reign.
(1) Fung Nkoh, (2) Illufung Kangbeche (3) Tomongo Mbumbeh (4)Belung (5) Ntorhfung (6) Terfung (7) Norkohfung (8)Beyiegoh, (9) Bechiehjia (10) Benontuh (11) Meyufung (12)Nyiefung (13)Mbukang Mangie (14) Mbuh Njingla (15) Lofung Kwala (16) Muntong Chonkia (17) Bongwefung (18) Funtong I (19) Lofung I (20) Mbofung I (21) Muntong Fung (22) Safeh (23) Mbofung II (24) Lofung II (25) Funtong II (26) Muntong Fung Richard II.
  Fung Nkoh, goes down in Nsei history as the very first fon to ever rule Nsei. He was a Prince at the time Nsei people left Tikari. He worked in close collaboration with Felanteu to fight their way out of Tikari to the new land. He was made fon immediately after settling in the new land.
          Illufung Kangbeche will for ever be remembered in Nsei because of his role in Nsei. He became fon when the Nsei people just settled and were disputing over land. As a wise and smart fon, he settled the dispute by sharing the land and marking out the various quarters. There are Twenty (20) quarters in Nsei, fon Illufung Kangbeche was the one who marked and named these quarters.
            Mbuh Njingla was the last fon of Nsei to rule in the palace at Ntokweh. He is the 13th fon to rule Nsei making a total of thirteen fons to rule in the Ntokweh Palace. After his reign the Palace was moved to mbehang (its president side).
            Lofung Kwala who is the 14th fon to rule Nsei is the very first to rule in the new Palace at mbehang. He was a Prince whose compound was at Kwala where the Nsei nikia dance takes place. The nikia was his personal juju, thus, when he left his compound for the Palace, the place was turned a dancing arena for the nikia dance. It is said that, the transfer of this Palace from Ntokweh to mbehang was because of early deaths encountered by the fons in the Ntokweh Palace.
                Another fon who had a remembered reign was Funtong II. He was a Prince who built a very big compound in mbesoh quarter. He was a very powerful magician who uses his magical powers to treat people and perform magic. He was a very popular man loved by almost all. He was call "Ake Buntie" which means "Father of children". This is because he treated everyone who came to his compound as his own child. Everyone wanted him to be fon, but his father advised him to support his brother instead since he was a powerful magician and would not be allowed according to tradition to perform his magical powers should he become fon. But because of the Royal conflict in 1961,he took power and became fon. This new position of he's cost him the lost of his magical powers. He ruled for 13 years (1961-1974). It is believed that he didn't die at his right time because he lost his powers even though he died at age 116.
           Lofung Martin II is that fon who had a controversial reign. According to Nsei history, his reign had a poor beginning but the best end. He is the most educated fon to have ever sit on the Nsei throne. He was schooling in Nigeria when his father died and was called to replace his father. Being a young fon with western education, it was quite difficult for him to have a smooth ride with the custodian of the people. He was that fon who will go to the field to play ball with kids, go out without the entourage of elders or guards. The elders saw this as a taboo and after several attempts to call him to order failed, they had to exile him. Note that, there were great gestures to in some of the activities carried out by Fon Lofung Martin II, like going to the primary school, making sure the pupils are in tact, asking them questions and awarding prices to those who could answer. After being on exile for thirteen years, Fon Lofung Martin still had to forgive his people and and returned to the throne. There were alot of positive changes in his character when he returned.

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