First Fon to rule and the First Palace in Nsei.


The role of a leader in any gathering or community is very important as it helps coordinate and make sure activities goes on smoothly. Thus, after the Bamessing-NSEI people celebrated and offered thanks giving sacrifices to the gods for the new land, there Was  the need for a leader (Fon) to rule them. At that point, Prince Fung Nkoh who worked in close collaboration with Felanteu to lead the Nsei people out of Tikari to their new found land was the most fit person in that position.
      He was made Fon of Nsei immediately and that was how Bamessing-NSEI got her first fon. His name changed from Prince Fung Nkoh to (Fon Fung Nkoh). That makes him the first ever fon of Nsei.
       After having a fon, there Was  the need for a Palace where the fon would stay. The problem for a suitable and safe site for the Palace Was  another issue. Mbehang quarter where the people were settled was too exposed and would put the Palace in danger should enemies attack. The people decided to go build the Palace in Ntokweh which was further inside the village thus making it safer. The Palace was built and the fon moved to Ntokweh. The Palace remained in Ntokweh for long before moving to Mbehang where it is presently. Fourteen fons actually rolled in the palace at Ntokweh. Yearly sacrifice are after to this formal Palace of Nsei.

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About Bamessing

Bamessing-Nsei is a traditional potter's village, with the pottery center of Prescraft, where traditional potters are encouraged to pursue their trade. In order to widen the product range, new techniques have been introduced, such as a potter's wheel, glazing, and wood kiln firing. Designers from Europehelp to develop new designs.

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